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Fellow Composers, Interactive Artists, Dancers, Musicians, and other Progressive Contemporary Artists

Our beloved mentor, Dinu Ghezzo, founder and President of iCIA  passed away in December 2011.  We, his students, colleagues and friends, wish to honor his memory by continuing with his iCIA dreams and are happy to announce a membership drive for the revitalization of iCIA.  In an effort to continue his legacy of promoting the progressive contemporary artists, musicians, dancers and their appreciative audiences, which he loved so much, as well as to honor his memory, a substantial portion of all membership dues will be set aside to begin an iCIA Dinu Ghezzo Scholarship in his memory, which will be used to foster, in younger generations, the perpetuation of the dedication and energy we all received from him.  We ask you to please consider joining iCIA.  

As an incorporation lead by Tom Beyer as President, we ask for interested persons to come aboard and work with us as we continue the deep traditions and expansions set by our Maestro Dinu Ghezzo.  

We ask for your collaboration as our mission shall include a dedication to the musical and educational welfare of the progressive contemporary musicians, artists, dancers, and appreciative audiences around the world.  Our vision is to encourage, create, and disseminate innovative cultural music arts programs on an international scale.

With your contributions and collaborations, we hope to bring to light innovative music incorporating genres not generally or sufficiently addressed by standard performances.  We shall  provide concert performances that feature select groups of artists and composers.  We hope to promote audience understanding  through a range of creative expression that encourages and provokes thought.  And most importantly, to offer international and global perspectives through new music.  If you find yourself with these same values, we ask you to please consider joining our organization.  Our website address is iCIAMusic.org.  Membership registration details are listed at join iCIA.

We hope you will join us.


Thomas Beyer, President

Carlos Delgado, Vice-President

Chan Ji Kim, Treasurer

Linda Marcel, Manager of Administration